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For 20 years, I've spoken on stages across the country helping thousands of people realize their potential.

A little bit about Brian

Brian Marsh is a natural coach and mentor. As a Regional Vice President of a national financial institution he spent three decades mentoring successful financial advisors to reach their financial and personal goals. He is the founder of Iamthepotentialcoach.com and the author of the book "Optimize Your Life." 

His life's purpose is to help you identify your purpose and live your full potential.


His passion as a coach and his lived experience combined with the useful tools he shares with audiences makes him a crowd favorite.

Speaking Topics:

The Power of Purpose

We are great at creating the perception of success. But, most of us go through life "dressed up" but feel "messed up" on the inside. Brian was once trapped in that toxic, unfulfilling cycle. Instead of addressing the root cause of his struggles, he constantly searched for quick-fix solutions which failed every time leaving him even more disappointed and empty. Until he discovered the Power of Purpose. In his captivating and interactive talk, Brian speaks about the power of clarity, discovering one's values, and one's purpose in life.

Conquering Procrastination: 3 Steps to Break Free of the Cycle.

There is a misconception in the world that procrastinators are lazy or unmotivated. That is not true. Research shows that very few people who are “serial procrastinators” are actually lazy or unmotivated. Rather, they are hindered by one of the three root causes of procrastination. Until or unless the root cause of your procrastination is identified and appropriately “dug up,” we will continue to read books and listen to motivational teachings and you will continue to live in the land of “I want to but I can’t.” Brian's interactive presentation has helped thousands discover renewed sense of hope, happiness, and a zest for life, regaining control of their future.

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"Your life doesn't magically improve by random happenstance, it transforms and flourishes when you embrace deliberate, purposeful change."

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