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“ I help individuals unlock their full potential and achieve their goals. 

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What I Do

Guiding You Toward Your Goals & Aspirations

I am the Potential Coach who helps success-oriented achievers overcome uncertainty, breakthrough procrastination, and step into their purpose and full potential. I've coached thousands of people to reach their professional, financial and personal goals.

My Vision

Empowering success-oriented achievers to reclaim control, find clarity, and optimize their life's potential, fostering a world where individuals thrive with renewed hope, happiness, and purpose.

My Mission

My mission is to guide high-achievers who have felt lost and trapped in a cycle of uncertainty and anxiety to identify the root causes of their struggles. Through tailored solutions and breakthrough strategies, I help them regain control, clarify their values and purpose, and ultimately unlock their fullest potential, enabling them to lead fulfilling lives driven by hope and zest.


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Over the past 20 years

Brian Marsh has coached thousands of high achievers breakthrough uncertainty, overcome limiting beliefs and achieve their financial and career goals. Helping people discover their potential and step into their purpose has been Brian's life's work.

As a successful high-achiever, Brian himself once silently struggled with internal turmoil, anxiety, hopelessness and a profound sense of loss of control in both his career and life. From the outside, everything seemed as though he had it made, a beautiful family, a wife, four children, a home, a church family and a successful career. He says, what people saw from the outside was impressive. He “dressed up, but was messed up.”

On the inside, Brian was trapped in a cycle of procrastination that created even more stress over time. Instead of addressing the root cause of his struggle and getting clarity on his values and purpose, he constantly searched for quick fix solutions which failed every time leaving him even more disappointed and emptier inside. As a result his life became more disorganized. He missed important deadlines, appointments and million-dollar opportunities. He lost friends and the respect of mentors, even his wife and family. Even though he knew the things that he was putting off were important for him to advance his life, professionally, relationally and financially, he still could not pull himself out of what had now become not just a habit but the path to destruction.

There is a misconception in the world that procrastinators are lazy or unmotivated. 

That is not true. In fact, research shows that very few people who are “serial procrastinators” are actually lazy or unmotivated. Rather, they are hindered by one of the three root causes of procrastination. Until or unless the root cause of your procrastination is identified and appropriately “dug up,” you will continue to read books and listen to motivational teachings and you will continue to live in the land of “I want to but I can’t.”

Brian eventually left the land of "I want to but I can't." He says there is a way out. With the proper mentoring and coaching, he was able to overcome procrastination, identify the root cause and gain clarity on his values and was able to achieve higher levels of success. As the Regional Vice President with Nationwide Financial, Brian is a multiple six-figure executive and one of the top 2% income earners in the world. He has experienced a renewed sense of hope, happiness and a zest for life, regaining control of his future.

Thousands of people turn to Brian to learn from his lived experience, use the tools he has put into work in his own life and are on a path to hitting their financial, career and personal goals.

Why Am I Qualified To help you?

My journey from silently battling internal turmoil to achieving remarkable success positions me as a compelling Potential Coach who can get results. I intimately understand the debilitating effects of procrastination and its underlying causes. My first hand experience of grappling with procrastination's impacts on my career, relationships, and overall well-being uniquely qualifies me to guide others through similar challenges. I have been helping thousands of high achievers gain clarity in values and purpose, propelling them to unprecedented levels of success as a Regional Vice President at leading financial institution.

My own transformation into a top-tier executive demonstrates my expertise in overcoming obstacles and facilitating tangible results. My story of reclaiming control, achieving financial abundance, and rediscovering fulfillment underscores my dedication to inspire and empower individuals to transcend limitations and realize their full potential.

What They Say About me!

Before going to the Brian's Masterclass, I was afraid to make moves. My thoughts were scattered... That day changed my life!

Kevin J. Smith

My Tribe

Brian and his wife Debra reside in Las Vegas, NV with their daughter, Meha and their two (2) standard poodles, Bentley and Bailey. Brian is an avid Golfer and a wine lover.

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Altoids mint in my pocket 

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the Bible

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I attended mortuary science school 

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